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Which of Matt Doran's movies/TV shows/guest appearances have you seen?


Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) .... Elan Sleazebaggano
Neophytes and Neon Lights (2001) .... Sedge
"Love Is a Four-Letter Word" (2001) TV Series .... Phil 'Klaus' Kaperberg
Matrix, The (1999) .... Mouse
Thin Red Line, The (1998) .... Pvt. Coombs
Lilian's Story (1995) .... Johnny
"Home and Away" (1988) TV Series .... Damian Roberts (1992-1996)
Pirates Island (1991) (TV) (as Matthew Doran) .... Grommet

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"Farscape" (1999) playing "Markir Tal" in episode: "Fractures" (episode # 3.18) 24 August 2001
"Murder Call" (1997) playing "Joel" (as Matthew Doran) in episode: "Death Down Market" (episode # 3.6) 2 June 1999
"All Saints" (1998) playing "Troy Lyneham" in episode: "Truth or Dare" (episode # 1.22) 14 July 1998
"Medivac" (1996) playing "James 'Armalite' Dwyer" in episode: "Romeo and Juliet" (episode # 2.12) 25 September 1997
"Water Rats" (1996) playing "Bjørn Robinson" in episode: "Shroud Lines" (episode # 2.17) 2 June 1997

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Have seen SW 2, Matrix and a couple episodes of his time on Home and Away. Would love to get my hands on some of his other work. *curses living in US*
Ack forgot, have also seen his Farscape epiode. Wonderful episode and a very interesting character.
There's a website where I ordered Neophytes and Neon Lights, if you're interested I can give you the link.
I tried to reply to this the other day and LJ was being mean to me... *pouts* I would love to get that link from you. Really want to see more of Matt's work

Neophytes and Neon Lights is one of the discs in the compilation.
The Matrix and Star Wars II.